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Echo: an innovative wireless game controller with voice command interface

Echo is an innovative wireless game controller with voice command interface. This device is designed as a primary input system for the first-person shooter games that gives you unique gameplay experience by increasing an immersion in virtual reality alongside with headset equipment and a treadmill. An echo controller’s structure is really flexible and versatile. This feature provides an ability to use any model of a firearm as a framework for further installation.

Echo doesn’t make additional requirements to the illumination of a room or initial user position and orientation. Its ergonomic body is designed in a special way to reduce fatigue and slipping of the fingers. Also, there are some additional buttons and a joystick that are located on the device. The joystick enables you to control basic movements of a game character while functional buttons are responsible for firing, aiming, reloading and changing fire modes. The rest interaction is fulfilled by voice commands.

At the same time echo is a modified conglomerate of two input devices: keyboard and mouse. This feature gives you an ability to use our controller with some of your favorite 3D action PC games without modding them.

Manipulator can be used together with Oculus Rift(tm) and Virtuix Omni(tm).

Support this project on IndieGoGo: http://igg.me/at/echocontroller

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