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CirclyApp – your way out of the crisis

CirclyApp uses its online visualisation and collaboration platform to help businesses and individuals innovate themselves out of the crisis.

Every single person and every business is facing the impact of the deep crisis that the coronavirus outbreak will leave behind. The world as we know it is disappearing: economic, financial and emotional chaos is present at all levels. But behind it, a new world is coming. All companies and all individuals have the potential to be more successful than they were before, depending on their ability to see through the chaos, and their response and capability to restructure their existing goals, resources and what they still have. CirclyApp wanted to give a helping hand with this and so we asked ourselves, how could we do that, in an authentic meaningful way?

We decided to do what we do best. We launched a free plan, online, without time limitation, where you can visualise, analyse, categorise and prioritise your own topic and share it with others in an engaging way.

We’re providing software for our users, that gives them an inspiring, online canvas where they can brainstorm, sketch out their goals, ideas and available resources, and prioritise and re-organise these items in a way that fits into their new environment. Seeing the big picture with all of its details in a Circly project means that strategic planning and decision-making are no longer terrifying

Kathy Lewin, Spokesperson of the Circly team.

But this is just one of CirclyApp’s uses. CirclyApp is a drag-and-drop approach, easy to use, beautiful, on an online canvas, with customisable circles and hoops. A revolutionary, yet extremely simple, tool with which we can drop our thoughts, ideas and tasks quickly into custom-coloured, resizable hoops. The projects created can be saved for use later, or shared with others.

The user interface was designed to incorporate the latest results of neuro- and data science, leading to a unique, clean canvas, which perfectly supports structured and creative thinking.
Circly is a powerful tool: at work, in remote collaborations, during online meetings or in classrooms, or even during any phase of a project from generating ideas to taking an action and is easily adaptable for specific personal needs.

We applied every bit of knowledge we have about human thinking and built that into our platform; this empowers our users to be systematic, efficient and thus successful, without any effort. In the meantime we are working hard on the next features, which focus on real-time collaborations. We want to help as much as we can in these tough times – to help teams, business leaders, managers, teachers, students – anybody who can benefit from structured visual thinking,

concluded Kathy Lewin.

To learn more about CirclyApp, visit https://CirclyApp.com

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