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Samsung 55in OLED TV

Samsung has launched its 55-inch curved OLED TV.

The TV comes with a multi-view option where users can watch two separate TV shows on the same screen. This is made possible via 3D technology and 3D glasses with built-in earphones.

The TV will also come with Samsung’s Evolution kit, which will basically future proof the tv.

Now the TV does have large price-tag about £8500. The TV will be available to purchase in South Korea, although there’s no word on international availability as of yet.

PS Vita indie channel

This week PS Vita got a dedicated indie gaming channel for the handheld as it continues to up its efforts to bring in indie games and boost its profile.

Sony’s Don Mesa said and I quote “At PlayStation, we’re proud to support indie development, and our unrestrictive policies make it easier than ever for developers to launch games on PS vita”

Sony also promises that a wealth of other titles are on their way.

So all in all this sounds good and I am liking the indie channel but it’s still lacking them killer games.

Digg Reader

Digg has been testing out and tweaking its Digg Reader, which has been in beta for about a week. Well Digg are now happy to announce Digg reader is now open to the public.

After a development period of about three months, Digg reader is now available to both on the web and IOS.

Users can sign in with their twitter, Facebook or google account making it easy for you to get setup and going. Once you’re signed in, you can then start to add your RSS feeds, you can also share stories from the RSS feeds to twitter and Facebook.

The company has made it clear that this is still a work in progress, but the ease of use and clean and simple look, has to be a winner in my books and I am sure a lot of people will start to use the new service.

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