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Swissvoice handsets provide the perfect way to keep in touch with loved ones.

Swissvoice (@swissvoiceSA) mobile accessories allow users to talk on their mobiles for long periods of time without the worry of their handset getting too hot, or having to hold their call to access phone features such as contacts or diaries. Whether someone is two minutes down the road or on the other side of the world, Swissvoice handsets can also be attached to any PC, tablet or mobile phone, to be used with Skype, making calls across the pond that much easier.

As an added bonus features, Swissvoice handsets limit exposure to potentially harmful mobile radiation up to 500 times and can be used as speakers, playing high quality music through the product’s ear and mouth piece.

Swissvoice CH05
CH05 around £39.99 | Available from www.amazon.co.uk and www.iwantoneofthose.co.uk

The CH05 is the perfect gift for any friends or family members. This corded handset connects to a mobile phone, tablet or computer using a 3.5mm plug (adapters are available), and is ideal for users that love to natter. Available in pink, orange, green, blue and white, there’s a colour to suit everybody. The CH05 includes a ‘Made for iPhone’ switch, so users can access the voice control service ‘Siri’ and also comes equipped with a first-class, soft-touch mat, which protect a users’ mobile phone and handset from moving around or being scratched when placed on a surface.

Swissvoice CH01
CH01 around £34.99 | Available from www.amazon.co.uk and www.iwantoneofthose.co.uk

The CH01 boasts the same features as the CH05, but includes an additional weighted base – perfect for a friend or family member that is likely to use their handset while at work at their desk, or relaxing at home. This handset is also a great gift idea for students in shared accommodation, or households without a landline. Available in the same fun and funky colours as the CH05.

Swissvoice BH01i/BH01u
BH01i  around £149.99 | BH01u around £129.99 | Available from www.amazon.co.uk

The BH01i or BH01u would make a great Christmas present for the business professional. Combining the ergonomic qualities of a traditional landline telephone with the latest Bluetooth and HD technology, these Bluetooth units can connect to a mobile phone, PC or tablet for comfortable hands-free communication, music streaming, conference calling and Siri compatibility. In addition, the BH01i station is a great gift for iPhone users, as it contains a retractable dock that acts as a convenient charger and stand for video calling.

We had the BH01u come to us for review and we are in the final stage of testing. We will be recording the review this week, so do keep a eye out for the review.

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