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Etymotic launch: ETY·Kids Safe-Listening Earphones

ETY·Kids earphones are meant to help parents manage the hearing health of their children by restricting the volume output to a safe listening decibel level. ETY·Kids earphones is going to be available on the market in October on Amazon, Etymotic.com and at retail locations nationwide. Amazon will be taking pre-orders for ETY·Kids in late September. Like all Etymotic hearing protection products, ETY·Kids can be customised through the companies CUSTOM·FIT program for personalised earmolds that provide a secure, comfortable fit.

ETY·Kids Safe-Listening Earphones are engineered for safe sound output, while still maintaining Etymotic’s superior audio quality. Parents can relax knowing that sound heard through ETY·Kids earphones from mp3 players, gaming devices and any other multimedia players will not exceed safe levels. Additionally, by controlling earphone sensitivity, it is not necessary to restrict the volume setting on the portable media player, saving parents some time and hassle.

ETY·Kids earphones both block outside sound and limit the volume coming through the earphones. ETY·Kids earphones’ unique ACCU-Chamber technology, acts as a 3-band equalizer to enhance response accuracy and smooth harmful response peaks.

ETY·Kids Safe Listening Earphones deliver a number of control and sound features including:

  • Clear, high-definition music reproduction
  • Operates with any audio player which takes a 3.5 mm plug
  • Medical-grade eartips in various sizes ensure a seal to block outside noise
  • The ETY·Kids is also available as a headset+earphone model, containing a mic and 3-button control, compatible with Apple products

Pricing and availability

The ETY·Kids are estimated to be available in the UK market at the end of October.
The ETY·Kids earphone-only model is £39.95 and the headset+earphones model is £59.95.

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