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invoxia launches the New Generation of Desktop Phones

135 years after the telephone was invented, invoxia is finally revolutionizing the desktop phone. By selecting IOS devices to serve as interfaces, invoxia has reconciled the world’s smartest mobile solution and the requirements of sedentary business. Ease of use, revolutionary ergonomics, luxurious design, wonderful acoustics, dramatic sound spatialization and disruptive technologies are all hallmarks of this wholly new tool, marking the advent of sensory telephony. With this, invoxia is determined to set a new global benchmark for that office desktop phone.

The invoxia NVX 610 uses iOS devices as the control interface, it then benefits from their revolutionary ergonomics to simplify business telephony. With its ultra-innovative acoustic design, it offers unparalleled sound quality in both handsfree mode and personal communications (using the handset).

The invoxia phone features 8 wide-bandwidth speakers and 8 digital microphones. When used in “conference” mode, it will have the capacity to perform virtual placement of remote speakers in the room, as well as automatic local speaker localization to create the feel of a physical conversation. Users benefit from the full potential of In Vivo Acoustic technology, with its echo and background noise cancellation systems.

While regular office phones come with 100s of keys and features that no one understands, invoxia features only the vital: a control to pick up incoming calls in speaker mode and adjust the volume, and a mere two touch-sensitive “mute” and voicemail keys. With the iPhone as an interface and free application available from Apple’s App Store, using the invoxia could hardly be more intuitive.

The invoxia unifies your mobile and professional contacts in the same directory, and lets you pick up calls to your mobile directly from its high-quality handset. The phone seamlessly handles incoming calls on both the mobile and landline.

Its exclusive design makes it uniquely well suited to modern day office environments. For added fun, invoxia comes with a set of 3 smart holders (magnetic handset holders) that can be changed to suit your mood or style.

The product is available from www.invoxia.com priced at 417.22 € excl. VAT ($599 excl. VAT). invoxia is made for iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad.

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