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Samsung GALAXY Tab 3

Samsung has unveils the GALAXY Tab 3, a 7-inch tablet running on Android 4.1 ( AKA: Jelly Bean) with a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 8GB or 16GB of storage which is expansion up to 64GB using a microSD card, a 3 megapixel back camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera.

The screen size and res is: 7 inch WSVGA(1024 x 600, 169 PPI) TFT screen.

The tablet will be available in both WiFi & 3G, with the WiFi being available worldwide starting in May, with the 3G version following in June.

Vine app update

Vine has released an update to its ios app, which now supports the front-facing camera, which I have to say is about time they supported the front-facing camera, its one feature the app has really been crying for in my own personal view and I have a feeling that more people will now start to use the app thank to this update.

There is now also support for mentions, so you can tag people in the post who you would like to mentioned by using the @ symbol in front of their name and then they will receive a notification in their activity.

So all in all, a really good update to app.

Wii u price cut

Asda has once again cut the price of the Nintendo wii u console by £50.

Now a few months ago, asda dropped the price of the wii u console by £50 to make the basic pack price off £199 and the Premium Pack price to £249. But now that asda has dropped the price again by another £50, you can now pickup the basic pack for £149 and the Premium Pack for £199.

Now we don’t know at this point in time if it’s a permanent price drop of just a limited time offer, but either way are you tempted by the newest price cuts? You can leave your comments below.

Instragram Facebook-style tagging feature

Instragram has added a Facebook-style tagging feature of Photos of You, which come as no real surprise given that Facebook actually bought Instagram last year.

Now you can tag people and other things in photos & photos that has been tagged with you in it, by either your good self or by your friends will also show up in a new Photos of You section on your Instagram profile.

Also if someone tags you in a photo, you also receive a notification.

Now you can adjust the ability in your settings to approve the photo first if you wish to remain a bit more private.

So at lease you do have some control over this.


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