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Samsung Galaxy S4: Leader of the pack

Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled last month it’s generated a huge amount of hype and excitement across all corners of the globe and after much anticipation, the device has now started to roll out to 150 countries.

Last week the firm announced that due to “high demand” there would be delays in shipments of the Galaxy S4 to some markets including the UK and the US, although this is seemingly just a small set-back in what has been the Korean smartphone manufacturer’s biggest handset launch to date.

But, what is it that makes the Galaxy S4 such an appealing proposition?

It contains the best software, which will make it function fast without interruption. It has the world’s first full HD Super Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode display as well as hardware which is much thinner, lighter and stronger. Samsung’s president of sales and marketing Don Joo Lee

Samsung’s latest marketing campaign emphasises this even further and in a recent video the firm’s product designers are seen explaining the philosophy behind its latest flagship. At one point they go so far as to describe the device as a “meaningful life companion” that’s “something like nothing you’ve ever seen before”.

Design: In recent weeks the Galaxy S4 has come under fire from critics who claim the lack of stylistic changes make it too similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. The polycarbonate casing and shape are all too familiar, although a few extra millimetres added to its height to house the ample 5-inch display, and a squaring of the rounded corners certainly alters the form-factor allowing the device to sit more comfortably in the hand.

Samsung said the Galaxy S4’s design was driven by a “more rational approach” rather than the nature element which inspired the Galaxy S III, but this doesn’t seem to have deterred too many potential consumers with forecasts already suggesting the device could ship 10million units in its first month alone.

Display: The near edge-to-edge super AMOLED full HD display is exceptional and according to screen experts DisplayMate, the Galaxy S4, which uses fairly new OLED technology, can be compared to the iPhone 5 in terms of screen performance. Samsung’s latest offering is high on contrast and has a great depth of detail, something of an improvement from the firm’s previous smartphone screens which haven’t always managed to produce such clear and vivid visuals.

Software: On the software side of things Samsung has really pushed the boat out to bring a slew of new features and functionality to the fore. The firm has carried forward aspects such as Air View, which first featured on the Galaxy Note II, allowing users to preview content simply by hovering their finger over the screen.

Samsung has also introduced an abundance of other innovations including Smart Pause, which automatically stops playing a video when you look away from the screen. And, there’s Smart Scroll which uses eye tracking technology to allow you to read through webpages and long blocks of text simply by tilting the device. These are just some of the Galaxy S4’s new features – whether they catch the smartphone buying public’s imagination remains to be seen, but right now they really help set the Galaxy S4 apart from anything else currently on the market.

As well as all of this the Galaxy S4 boats a wealth of other high-end specs, which include…

• 13 megapixel camera
• Android Jelly Bean
• 1.9GHz quad-core processor
• 1080p video capture
• 2,600 mAh battery

With all of this in mind it comes as no surprise to find that the Galaxy S4 is already being tipped to outsell the multi-million selling Galaxy S III. This device certainly proves that an overhaul in the looks department isn’t everything and despite its criticisms the raft of functionality under the hood has really helped the Galaxy S4 stand out from its competitors, once again paving the way for future smartphone technology.

Written by Sarah Hazelwood of Phones 4u, the home of all the latest Smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S4


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