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More YouTube live channels

YouTube has just announces YouTube live now available to channels with over 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube’s live-streaming service has been limited to select partners and special events for some time now, but all that is about to change.

As of now, all channels in good standing with over 1,000 subscribers will be able to sign to YouTube Live.

When using YouTube Live, account holders can insert ads add closed captions plus more.

Google has noted all eligible accounts will start gaining access in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro is finally heading to the UK.

The company claims that demand in the US has stripped its cupboards bare, but a date has now been set,
with the Core i5-powered tablet due to be available from Microsoft’s online store from May 23rd, with
the 64GB version going for £719 and the 128GB model for £799.

50 billion downloads

Apple marks 50 billion downloads from the App Store.

It just took 14 weeks for the App Store to get from 40 billion to 45 billion and less than 4 weeks to get from 45 to 50 billion.

Now that is what I call impressive.

BBC iPlayer on WP8

The BBC iPlayer is coming to Windows Phone 8.

It’s more of a browser-based shortcut rather than a fully-featured app.

But it’s still better than nothing.

Roku grid-style menu

When Roku announced the Roku 3, they also announce the new grid-style menu, which looks really cool.

Well owners of some of the company’s older players can experience it as well now thanks to an update.

The Roku 2, Roku LT, Roku HD and Streaming Stick are all eligible to download the new update.

Anyone can get it now by doing manually update from the update section under settings, otherwise it
will be downloaded automatically at some point in the next few weeks.

BlackBerry Messenger coming to iOS and Android

BlackBerry is to offer BBM (which stand for BlackBerry Messenger) as standalone app for iOS and Android this summer.

Starting this summer, users running iOS 6 and Android ICS or higher will be able to download the BBM app for free.

Initially, only the messaging and group features will be available for outside users, but throughout the year, the company hopes to add and expand more features to outside users.

ATM no specific launch date has been set.

Review items we had come in this week

We had a few items come in for review this pass week and first up is the: soladapt touchscreen overlay.

The Touchscreen Overlay is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android software.
It connect it through a USB cable with no software needed to be installed.

Available for 15″ to 64″ display or for a bigger display, you can email them for a quote.

Next up we have the Boogie Board jot 8.5.

This is a 8.5” LCD eWriter with integrated stylus holder and magnets, so you can place it on a fridge or something like that.
With it you can made lists and notes, which will remain on there until you hit the erase button.

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