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GeeksTech Weekly News. EP 06 (Xbox One Special)

Xbox One has been announced this week, which is more of an all-in-one games and entertainment system. The new Xbox is putting you in the centre of all your entertainment, giving you instant access to not only your games but also TV, music, movies, Skype plus more, all in one place. You can do all this without have to keep switching you TV inputs, which is really cool

Here are some of the Features of the new Xbox:

  • You can navigate and watch live TV through Xbox One, well it’s will only be available in the U.S. at launch, which is my eyes is a great disappointment, it really is.
  • Display full HD, 1080p Skype video calls including group Skype calls on your TV.
  • Find TV and entertainment quickly with voice searches
  • See what is trending within the Xbox community or with your friends, this helps you see what’s hot in TV, Games and entertainment.
  • Personalize your Home screen with your favourite games, apps and content
  • And if you also fancy do two things at once like, playing a game and talking on Skype, you now can thanks to the new snap feature

On to the hardware specification, the full specifications has not been released as of yet but what we do know is the Xbox One is running on a 8-core AMD processor, 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM, 500 GB hard drive, three USB 3.0 ports, and a Blu-Ray drive, HDMI in & out, 802.11 n/g/b wireless with WiFi Direct, as well as Bluetooth.

Moving on you are getting a new Redesigned Kinect, which includes a 1080p, HD camera that captures video at 30 frames per second. Active-infrared capabilities allowing it to work in nearly any lighting condition and a better field of view to accommodate a greater range of room sizes. It’s also has a new noise-isolating multi-microphone array, which filters ambient sounds to recognize natural speaking voices even in crowded rooms.

The last bit of hardware is the new updated wireless controller, which has more than 40 technical and design innovations, like the new impulse triggers and the newly engineered D-pad, which delivers greater responsiveness and control. There is even an infrared LED on the front of the controller, which allows Kinect to automatically recognize you.

So then, what else can the new Xbox One do?

Well there is a whole new host of different cloud based features now, like the ability to Captures and saves in-game highlights and use editing and sharing tools to post game footage to your Xbox Live profile and social networks.

Over the coming weeks, I am sure more information will be released. Specially at E3

Even though no specific release date has been set as yet, we have been told it will be available worldwide, later this year.
You can now even start to pre-order the Xbox One at few places including Game and ShopTo just to name a few.

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Wayne Lewis

Managing Director & Presenter of GeeksTech.co.uk. Specialises in doing video reviews on technology & gadgets that the everyday non techie consumer can understand.

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