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ION Audio, introduces DOCS 2 GO, a portable photo and document scanner for iPad or iPad 2. Attendees can get a first look at DOCS 2 GO at booth #12442 during the Consumer Electronics Show taking place January 10–13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DOCS 2 GO is a portable, versatile scanner that allows scanning of virtually any document directly into an iPad*. With high-resolution, 300 DPI scanning ability, DOCS 2 GO ensures a high quality transfer during the conversion process. With DOCS 2 GO, every scanned photo and document can be preserved perfectly in digital form and won’t be subject to the deterioration that paper photos and documents suffer. DOCS 2 GO is an ideal app accessory for scanning.

Using DOCS 2 GO is both easy and convenient. DOCS 2 GO charges the iPad and scans while the iPad is docked. A free, downloadable app is included with DOCS 2 GO and is the perfect photo editing app for picture-perfect distribution to friends and family. Users will be able to download the app from the iTunes App Store once DOCS 2 GO is available. Every iPad owner can scan, store and share photos and documents the easy way with DOCS 2 GO from ION.

Trying to take photos of documents with an iPad 2 requires a steady hand and can be a real challenge. Converting photos and documents to crystal-clear digital images requires a scanner. “Now iPad users will have a true portable scanner that is designed to make the process fast and easy.” Wendy Mittelstadt, Product Manager, ION Audio

DOCS 2 GO will be available at retailers in early Q2-2012

For more information on the DOCS 2 GO please visit http://www.ionaudio.com

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