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ION Audio, introduces GUITARLINK AIR, a system for connecting a guitar, wirelessly, to a computer, iPad or iPhone. Attendees can get a first look at GUITARLINK AIR at booth #12442 during the Consumer Electronics Show taking place January 10–13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now guitar players can leave the cable clutter behind with the GUITARLINK AIR system from ION Audio. GUITARLINK AIR allows musicians to play their guitar through an amplifier, computer or iOS device without being constrained by cables.

The design of GUITARLINK AIR takes into account the entire guitar player experience thanks to the inclusion of free Guitar Rig LE software, which shapes guitar sound with emulations of classic amplifiers and effects pedals. Users can record performances right in Guitar Rig and export them to their favorite recording software.

Wireless performances are rock-solid thanks to GUITARLINK AIR’s high performance, low-latency technology. The included GUITARLINK AIR transmitter is compact and lightweight, clipping to a player’s guitar strap for hours of uninterrupted play. The guitar’s output is transmitted using ION’s exclusive, ultra-fast, low latency wireless signal and is instantly amplified by whatever the player chooses to connect. Hook up to a guitar amp, Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone without messy cables. GUITARLINK AIR is a flexible system, built for performance, practice and everything in between.

GUITARLINK AIR gives musicians the ability to sound incredible just about anywhere. Plug directly into an amp, computer or iOS device and use headphones for quiet practice, or connect to an iPad or iPhone and use it as the ultimate effects processor to rock out with hundreds of apps like AmpliTube and Garageband. GUITARLINK AIR even includes free amp and effect modeling software for use on a Mac or PC.

GUITARLINK AIR really takes the hassle and mess out of dealing with cables when playing guitar. “Being able to connect to an iPad or iPhone and use the world of music apps to easily add effects is a real bonus.” Wendy Mittelstadt, ION Product Manager.

GUITARLINK AIR is estimated to be available from retailers in Q2–2012

For more information on the GUITARLINK AIR please visit http://www.ionaudio.com

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  1. Desperately trying to find where I can get hold of this?! Would be a great Christmas present but I can’t seem to find any info about possibilities to buy it anywhere? Does anyone know anything about this? Or does anyone know of any similar products that allows you to connect your guitar to your iPad wirelessly?

    1. I had a quick looks and i can not see it anywhere for sale myself. So i don’t think its release yet (don’t hold me to that though, as i could be wrong)
      TBH i don’t know any alternatives to this. Sorry i can not help more.

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