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Geemarc’s new big button mobile is easy to use and hard to ignore

Geemarc Telecom has announced a new clamshell mobile phone designed with extra amplification and ease of use at its heart. With an extra loud ring tone and hearing aid compatibility, the CL8400 is ideal for the hard of hearing and those who just need a little extra boost in the volume.

The number of people registered as deaf or hard of hearing in the UK is on the rise. “It’s up by 24 per cent in the last 15 years and the CL8400 is a cutting edge product to serve the needs of this population elegantly with simple but powerful functionality.” Andrew Grossman, Geemarc’s MD.

The Geemarc CL 8400’s extra loud ring tone can sound at up to 80dB, which coupled with its powerful vibrator make the phone almost impossible to ignore even in the noisiest environments. The speaker volume in normal use can operate at up to 40dB but the handset is fully compatible with modern hearing aids.

Grossman said the CL8400 was also the mobile for people who simply want a phone that is easy to use. “Answering and ending calls is as simple as opening and closing the phone,” he said.
Extra large buttons make it easy to dial. The three programmable one-touch memory buttons make it easy to call close family and friends. In addition, the phone incorporates an SOS function that can send an emergency text message or call to up to six different numbers.

Supplied with a sturdy docking station to both house and charge the phone when it is not in use, the Geemarc CL8400 phone is available contract free either as a pay-as-you-go or contract phone. It can be used on all UK networks (except for “3”).

The phone will retail at £99.99 including VAT and all the accessories – docking unit, charger, cables and headphones. It is available from selected mobile phone outlets, registered audiologists and online. For your nearest stockist contact
Geemarc helpline on 01707 384438

For a full list of stockists contact Geemarc Telecom on 01707 372 372 or visit www.geemarc.com.

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