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Review On: Motherboard Gifts & Business Card Case

Motherboard Gifts and More specialize in the creation of unique, high-quality gifts and promotional items. @geekgifts

Motherboard Gifts is a family owned American company that converts defective and abandoned circuit boards and transforms them into cool objects that every Technology geek (like my self) will love.

Because they make all there unique, high-quality gifts and promotional items from recycled circuit board, they are also helping out the environment

Motherboard Gifts has a full range of products from Business Card Cases (as shown in the video), Binder, Journals & Clipboards all the way to Clocks, Lamps, Cuff Links and much much more

Our motto is ‘sophisticated cool’. “We always strive to create products that are elegant and beautiful and we constantly receive praise from customers that they are incredibly “cool”. Combined with the fact that our product line is totally earth-friendly, consumers who are looking for a distinctive, special gift or promotional item will love what we have to offer.” Jay Silver, Motherboard’s President

I have to say, i am really impressed with the range of products that Motherboard Gifts has and how unique they are.
I never seen anything like this on the market before, until now.

In my eyes, this is a award winning company that make’s some award winning products.

Do check out there website at: http://www.motherboardgifts.com where you can see there full range of products.

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Wayne Lewis

Managing Director & Presenter of GeeksTech.co.uk. Specialises in doing video reviews on technology & gadgets that the everyday non techie consumer can understand.

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