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Wacom introduces a bamboo stylus feel thats optimised for Samsung Galaxy Note devices.

Wacom introduces a new model to its group of Bamboo Stylus feel, one optimised for Samsung Galaxy Note devices.

Wacom’s feel IT technologies are one of the company’s core technologies that creates a unique and natural user experience when using a pen with various mobile devices. Via electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology a highly precise communication is established between an active pen and a special sensor which is built into a number of mobile phones and tablets.

The technology works when the user applies different levels of pressure acting as a precise reflection on a compatible mobile device. For example the user can create a thicker line by applying more pressure with the stylus. Most smartphones and tablets can differentiate up to 512 pressure levels (and some even more). The user experience of these styli is one of ergonomic and precise note-taking that provides satisfying, natural-feel doodling or drawing. It becomes a lot of fun to use a pen on a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the Bamboo Stylus feel has a switch button on the side of the pen body that can be customised inside the application on the smartphone or tablet.

Availability and pricing
The new Bamboo Stylus feel is optimised for Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices, adjusting to its specific hardware configurations. As with its siblings, it comes in a black and a white version. The Bamboo Stylus feel is priced at €39.90 Euro (incl. VAT) and is available from May 2013 onwards at Wacom’s eStore.

The Bamboo Stylus feel for Samsung Galaxy Note comes also with a soft and a firm nib in the package; allowing the users to choose between the nib feel depending on the mobile device – similar to the feel of different strength pencils when used on paper.

Source & Credit: Ranieri Communications

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