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World’s First Totally Anonymous SIM Card Makes Debut in US

With recent news of News Papers hacking phone calls and the FBI monitoring your every click on the internet, personal privacy on mobile devices has become a concern for many. Roam Mobility has answered this concern for Joe Public with their new Ready SIM innovation. The Vancouver based company recently introduced the launch of their pre-pay SIM that makes it possible for you to use your mobile for texting, calling and browsing in total anonymity.

Traditional SIM cards contain a vast amount of personal information about their owners which can be easily attained by governments and even hackers. SIM cards can reveal a network provider details, text messages as well as a user’s last dialled number. All of this information can normally be attributed directly to the SIM card owner because of the registration process that up until now has been an integral part of owning a SIM card. When you register a SIM you give out your name, address date of birth and much more.

With a normal SIM card every phone is a potential tracking device using a method called ‘triangulation’. Mobiles regularly signal their provider with the SIM cards IMEI number, authorities can use this to pinpoint a SIM cards location. By matching the IMEI number with the account information you have a tracking device. The principle is that if authorities locate a phone, then the owner is with it. You can get more info on SIM card security here.

Ready SIM helps you avoid being tracked because their SIMs do not need to be registered so although the SIM card can still be tracked, it’s impossible to tell who is being tracked.

To keep you anonymous when surfing the net, Ready SIM uses a proxy service which masks your phones IP address with one from the proxy list. This way not even Roam Mobility can see what you are doing on the web. Even if they are subpoenaed, they won’t have anything much to give.

This new anonymous mobile phone usage may seem to favour criminals but it also protects anyone who simply doesn’t want to be monitored, and that probably accounts for most of us!

To set yourself up with a Ready SIM is a pretty simple process. First you get yourself the Ready SIM card. Pop the SIM into any unlocked mobile device. Text your ZIP code to Roam Mobility. And that’s it, you’re anonymous!

This product is available in the US and Canada but was designed primarily with travels in mind. So if you plan on visiting the States and want to have use of your mobile phone and benefit from local rates and while enjoying total anonymity then this could be the the solution.

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