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ADATA Introduces XPG Gaming v2.0 Series DDR3 2400G

ADATA Technology Co., has announced the start of shipments of the XPG™ Gaming v2.0 Series DDR3 2400G DRAM modules. These dual channel kits are designed and engineered to bring optimum performance to third generation Intel™ Core™ processors and the Z77 platform.

XPG DRAM modules signify Xtreme Performance Gear, providing the extreme speed and performance required by advanced users. The XPG Gaming series v2.0 is targeted specifically at the distinct performance and cooling needs of the worldwide gaming community. These latest DDR3 2400G modules offer new levels of data transfer speed, along with the many features that are hallmarks of the XPG series.

With speed up to 2400Mbps (2400MHz), and transfer bandwidth reaching 19,200 MB/s, the XPG series once again pushes gaming to the next level. The modules support Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) version 1.3, and use ADATA’s renowned Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT), combined with 2oz copper 8-layer printed circuit board, for superior heat dissipation. To further ensure reliability, a screw-lock mechanism improves cooling efficiency for long-term use. All XPG gaming modules are RoHS compliant, and come with a lifetime warranty where applicable.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Performance: Speed up to 2400Mbps (2400MHz)
  • Transfer bandwidth up to 19,200 MB/s (PC3 19200)
  • Timing: CL10-12-12-31
  • Density: 8GB (4GB x 2)
  • Operating voltage: 1.65 V
  • Feature set: Designed for 3rd generation Intel core processors and Z77 platform 
    Supports XMP ver. 1.3 (Extreme Memory Profile)
    Lead-free products are RoHS compliant
    Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT)/2oz Copper 8-layer PCB
    Dual channel

The XPG™ Gaming v2.0 Series DDR3 2400G DRAM modules will be available through selected distributors and resellers at retail price of £89.9.

More information can be found on the ADATA website at:

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