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Func KB-460 mechanical gaming keyboard, Now available

Func is happy to announce the availability of the KB-460, a mechanical keyboard that features Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, designed for fast reaction times and equipped with an individual key illumination system.

The KB-460 has been designed and engineered to accomplish the gamer’s needs. It combines several features, including, but not limited to:

Cherry MX Red mechanical switches

Silent linear mechanical switches with minimal travel distance for rapid fingers.

Full N-key roll over anti-ghosting

Forget annoying “beeps” of unregistered key commands.

Reliable, durable product design

Keep the same tactile feeling up to 50 million strokes per key.

Func Mode™

Activates re-assigned keys and disables the Windows key for a gaming friendly environment.

Customizable backlight key illumination

Adjust key illuminations brightness to your liking.

Comfortable palm rest

keeps your hands strain and stress free during many hours of use.

2 x USB connect-through ports

Accessible connect-through ports for other USB devices.

Plug n play, no need for installations

KB-460 is completely plug n play ready; installation is only needed to personalize the keyboard to fit your gameplay style.

Re-assignable buttons

Re-assign the buttons and adjust the key configuration to suit your needs.

On-board customizable profiles

Switch instantly between 5 profiles stored on the on-board memory. 

Integrated media controls

Smoothly change between songs or increase the volume without exiting the game.

The KB-460 is provided with a unique Setting Software made for customization, allowing the end user to set the keyboard for a gaming friendly environment. Func KB-460 software

Technical Specifications

  • Switch type: Cherry MX Red linear switch
  • Key design: Cylindrical
  • Actuation force: 45 g
  • Responsiveness: 2 mm
  • Anti-ghost: Full N-key roll over USB
  • Backlit: Individual LED’s on each key
  • Memory: Onboard 128 KB
  • Connect-through ports: 2 x USB 2.0
  • Cord length: 1.8m (braided)
  • Connector: USB 2.0 (gold plated)

We are working hard to create a complete range of gaming products with interesting features, designed for an enhanced gaming experience.” “What makes the KB-460 unique is the combination of functionality and superb build quality. We are extremely proud with the result and glad to say that there is more to come from us! Calle Conradsson, Brand Manager for Func

You can pickup an Func KB-460 mechanical gaming keyboard at: www.ebuyer.com

For more infomation, visit: www.func.net

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