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Instagram embed
Instagram now allows you to embed your photos and videos on to your blog or website thanks to a share button on its desktop interface.

You just basically copy and paste the embed code of the photo or video you wish to embed, into your blog or website.

The new embed feature will also display your Instagram user name alongside your photo or video so everyone knows who it belongs to.

Wii U update
The Nintendo Wii U has received a software update.

The update includes minor support enhancements, bug fixes and enhancing the user experience.

While this update a welcome benefit to Wii U users, it looks like we have to wait a few more months before system’s speed boost update.

Nintendo said on its website and I quote: “A system update providing further additions to system functionality is planned for release between the end of September and beginning of October”

So it will be a rather major update that will help increase the speed of the system and boost the overall performance. But let’s how the problems still don’t persisted like they did in the system update a few months ago, where it was meant to help with the speed and lag issues.

So all that we can do is, keep our fingers crossed.

Vine for Windows phone 8
Vine is officially launching on Windows Phone 8, along with other apps like Path and Flipboard.

This is a big welcome to Windows Phone 8 users, as these are 2 really good apps that has a lot of users.

Unfortunately there’s no word on when the app will be available.

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