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Wii U Price Cut

Asda has once again cut the price of the Nintendo Wii U console
Amazon UK has also lowered the price thanks to Asda price cut, meaning the basic console is now available for just £149, while the Premium bundle is £199.

Nintendo belief, at least publicly is, it can turn the tide once the public becomes more familiar with the concept of the Wii U and the games line-up becomes stronger.

However with third party developers like EA which has practically walked away until it becomes viable and Ubisoft saying there’ll be no more Wii U exclusives until business picks up.
It’s hard to see how things can turn around without the backing of some of the leading game developers, after all, without good games no console in the world is going to do well.

Is it too little too late for the Wii U only time will tell.

Five New BBC New HD Channels

BBC has announce it will continue its HD rollout by launching five new channels, all subscription free.

The following new channels will be launched by early 2014: BBC News HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD.

Just last week the BBC announced it was to cut off 3D programming, following the decline in hype for the media.

So it’s good to see the new HD channels coming and it’s a big welcome to us all.

Seagate HDDs for cloud storage

Seagate is launching two enterprise class hard disk drive optimised for cloud storage.

The 4TB Seagate Terascale HDD comes in a 3.5-inch SATA HDD form factor and features 5900rpm speed, 64MB DDR2 cache, Serial ATA-600 interface and the typical power consumption of the drive is 6.49W, with an idle power consumption of 4.59W.

Seagate has also unveiled the Seagate Enterprise Performance 10k HDD v7.

Seagate said, it’s engineered for high performance computing and high random and sequential workloads and high workload servers that process critical data.

With a 2.5-inch form factor, the 10k HDD v7 is also suitable for small scale data centres.

Samsung Ultra HD 55-inch UE55F9000 & 65-inch UE65F9000

Samsung announce 2 Ultra HD televisions will go on sale by the end of July in the UK

The 55-inch UE55F9000 will be available at a price of £3,999 and the 65-inch UE65F9000 for £5,999, which I have to say is quite reasonable compared with some other Ultra HD televisions which can set you back 10K plus

With the pricing and screen size options that Samsung has announce, it looks to set up a heated battle with the likes of Sony and LG.

So, aside from a display resolution which is four times the size of a regular HD TV the company also promises four-step upscaling for SD and HD content, powered by a quad-core processor, which is quite handy considering the current lack of 4K content.

Court order forcing UK ISPs to block FirstRow1

More court order forcing UK ISPs to block access to a popular sports streaming sites.

Service providers like Sky and BT must comply with a High Court Order that has granted a ban on site: FirstRow1 which will come into effect ahead of the new football season, which starts next month.

The order marks the first time a sports streaming site has been banned in the UK.

FirstRow1 site offers easy, yet illegal, access to Premier League football streams for anyone to watch.

Even though FirstRow1 never hosted the steams there self’s, they used to index links to steams, which was then embedded onto the site for all to watch.

The Football Association has strict rules preventing games from being televised live at the traditional Saturday 3pm kick-off time in the UK but other countries do not have such restrictions, which enable people to streaming the games to steaming sites, which then enable UK-based viewers to watch those games.

So first was torrents sites and now steaming sites, it looks like the freedom of the internet is now pretty much dead and barred. I also think it’s now time for ISP to stop advertising unlimited internet, as there is no such thing anymore.

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