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Get ready for the Tour de France with Kinomap Trainer

The addition of new routes to Kinomap Trainer, an app that enhances indoor training sessions on a treadmill, cycling or rowing machine, means that anyone can now virtually cycle the Tour de France or run the London Marathon.

Kinomap Trainer is a fitness app that offers synchronised video playback, enabling users to train at home or in the gym against pre-recorded, GPS-located outdoor routes. With the addition of sensors (speed & cadence) and an ANT+ receiver, users can sync the video footage to their own workout and measure their progress. Through wireless data transfer, the smartphone or tablet receives the rhythm, speed and stride power being applied and compares it to the video, with a map displaying a moving icon that shows the user’s position in either a terrain or satellite view.

Additionally, a multiplayer mode allows users to train with up to four friends, each with their own avatar on the map and voice chat to allow full interaction.

The ever-expanding selection of cycling, running and rowing routes submitted by Kinomap Trainer’s growing community gives any fitness fan the opportunity to see how they would fare on some of the most well-known and challenging routes from around the globe, including a bike ride through the Arizona desert, rowing past the Eiffel Tower or a sightseeing tour around Disneyland.

Pricing and availability

Available now from Apple’s app store, Kinomap Trainer – ExcelLance is available on subscription, costing £7.99 per month and £49.99 per year.

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