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How First Will Change Mobile Gaming

Visualizing.org says 70 to 80 percent of all active apps are games, and 64 percent of gamers use their mobile devices to play mobile games every day. The success of mobile-platform gaming speaks for itself: Business Insider reports that the founders of Angry Birds brought in no less than $200 million in revenue in 2012, some $70 million of which was pure profit. With the ability to connect gamers by video, text and chat, how does the iOS and Android app First pave the way for mobile game development?

Talk In Real Time

Anyone who has ventured onto an online multiplayer game realizes the value of communicating quickly and get your point across. You may not be as good as the pros, who NBC News reports can make 10 moves per second to assemble armies and devastate the opposition, but gamers with a shorter attention span will appreciate First’s real-time capabilities. The conversation platforms allow users to post videos, upload images or simply begin discussions with a basic question.

Keeping Up With The Conversation

One of the major advantages that First has over social media and other message boards, is that everyone can get in on the action. Whenever you stumble into a fierce Twitter discussion on what the best Elder Scrolls game is, you may miss the entire point just because you don’t follow the first person who launched the question. Likewise, a message board query may take hours or even days to be resolved, while the active community of First lets you get results to a prompt lightning-fast.

Across All Platforms

What’s your preferred mode of gaming? There’s no shortage of them, nor is there a shortage of marketing for the Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC and mobile platforms. Kotaku reports that more than $800 million goes into the annual marketing of video games, which return around $20 billion in revenue. You can discuss every make and model on First’s sub-categories. Even hidden object games by iWin pop up from time to time, as users look for cheats to get through the next level. Whether you’ve been a Nintendo subscriber since the NES or whether you own every console and a gaming PC, you can find plenty of people to talk with.

What’s In It For Gamers?

Why does First have such an appeal? By combining all the features of social media, message boards and chat rooms, users have an integrated experience that lacks for nothing. They can personalize their appearances and digital profiles, or cut to the quick and just add their two cents. As gamers move to dollar apps instead of hundred-dollar consoles, the new wave in gaming may be to run Fruit Ninja on your iPad while discussing the game’s strategy on your iPhone.

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