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Lian Li Announces an Ultra Compact Chassis Specifically Designed for the Intel DH-621AG Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard

Lian Li today announces the PC-Q05. Designed for the Intel DH-61AG Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard, the ultra compact PC-Q05 is ideal for today’s mobile consumers who have multiple hand-held devices and want a custom built PC at home for surfing the web, watching movies, and document writing as well as a central storage hub between all your devices.

The Intel DH-621AG motherboard gives the Lian Li PC-Q05 the essential connectivity that modern users need for multimedia and computing purposes including: two USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 slots as well as HDMI, DVI, and eSATA connections. This ultra slim chassis is also designed to hold the Intel HTS 1155LP CPU Cooler to keep your system cool in all operations.

Given the fact that most data and information is downloaded and stored without the need of DVDs and CDs, the PC-Q05 forgoes the 5.25” optical drive in favor of keeping a slim, space-saving build.

The drive bay can hold up to two 2.5” SSDs or HDDs. Keeping vibrations to a minimum, the hard drives are held stable with rubber knobs that are easily attached to the drives, and are especially designed to fit firmly in the PC-Q05’s drive bay slots.

The PC-Q05, as to be expected from Lian Li, is completely constructed from aluminum making it extremely lightweight. Weighing 1.8lbs (0.8kg), Lian Li’s PC-Q05 is only 4cm tall proving once again that Lian Li has the capabilities and dedication to meet the current trends on the market of space-saving chassis for modern mobile PC builders.


  • Model: PC-Q05
  • Case Type: Mini Tower Chassis
  • Dimensions: (W) 284mm x (H) 47mm x (D) 307mm
  • Front bezel Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black / Silver
  • Side Panel: Aluminum
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Net Weight: 0.8KG
  • 5.25″ drive bay (External): None
  • 3.5″ drive bay (External): None
  • HDD bay: 2.5-Inch HDD x2
  • Expansion Slot: None
  • Motherboard: Thin Mini-ITX (intel DH-61AG)
  • System Fan (Front): None
  • System Fan (Top): None
  • System Fan (Rear): None
  • I/O Ports: None
  • Maximum Compatibility: Cooler : support the Intel HTS 1155LP
  • Package Dimensions: (W)346 mm x 98(H) mm x 343(D) mm
  • Gross Weight: 1.5 KG
  • Power Supply: AC 150W adapter (not include)

For more info visit: http://www.lian-li.com

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