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Teufel announce the new Central AV | Cubycon 2

The new Central AV | Cubycon 2 from Teufel Audio is a modular system for those home cinema fans who want an all-in-one sound solution. The small controller offers analogue and digital inputs for Blu-ray, televisions, games consoles as well as other devices and is perfectly calibrated to the five compact Cubycon surround satellites and Cubycon subwoofer.

The all-in-one complete system is immediately ready to play: simply connect devices to the TV and your movie night can begin! It’s a total integrated solution with many extra features: the controller is 3D compatible and processes high resolution audio formats such as DTS HD or Dolby TrueHD, and receives signals over three HDMI and six audio inputs as well. The HDMI output is ARC compatible, thanks to CEC support, and allows a myriad of connections. A complete AV Receiver and high quality surround system in one – with easy set up and use.

Using the exact same perfectly-calibrated components for all the high-quality aluminium speakers of the Cubycon system, Teufel offers the flexibility of a component system with the perfect sound playback of a complete solution. Thanks to the compact measurements, this system actually fills less space than other comparably-sounding systems and seamlessly integrates in every living room. The controller (27 cm x 17 cm x 6.5 cm) doesn’t even take up the space a magazine would, and the five powerfully tiny Cubycon aluminium satellites have a volume each of less than two liters, while the flexibly-placed subwoofer uses three small woofers instead of one large. That’s how the developers could create such a small yet immensely powerful subwoofer which can be placed anywhere – horizontally or vertically.

The new Central AV | Cubycon 2 is available now online at www.teufelaudio.co.uk for: £1399.99

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