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Student Apps: Smart Phone, Smart You

So you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to take your education to the next level and beyond. There is no reason you can’t achieve all your goals since you are smart, resourceful and quick on your feet. The beauty is that—with the advent of smartphones, tablets, apps and a whole wealth of unprecedented computing power and utility available to you—you can use your brain power with a lot less energy and stress.

Finding the best apps to help you march your way to the honors podium—or at achieving least that seemingly elusive A in a science or math class you have been avoiding—will only enhance the knowledge that you already have and let you unleash that reserve of intelligence onto your projects, study habits and preparations for examinations.


Choose the best smartphone apps for your BlackBerry 10 or any other platform that works best for your needs with the following education-friendly apps.

E-Mobile Organizer

E-Mobile Organizer is an all-purpose organizational app, perfect for the modern college student. This app is an all-in-one tool for task management and agendas. Record your classroom’s daily activity. Arrange tasks and assignments by due date, it will let you know if something is past due or coming up. The app is easy to use and customizable to fit your needs.

Math Reference

This BlackBerry app goes out to the math fans—and foes—of the world. Even the savviest mathematicians need a booster app from time to time. Don’t they? Regardless, Math Reference will help you refresh your memory about logarithms, probability, matrix applications, advanced statistics, trigonometry fundamentals, an array of essential formulas and equations and the basics in pretty much any mathematical discipline you might face. If you are doing completing a last-minute problem on the plane on the way home from Thanksgiving, don’t fret about a long-forgotten interlude with permutations and commutations. Backup is by your side.

Top Paintings of the World

As part of your electives, you may find yourself seated in an art history class at one time or another. Fear not since, first, you are probably going to love it, and second, this BlackBerry app will help you dig into the art archives with ease. Carry your own personal museum with you wherever you go with this colorful app. Even if you are a well-versed art history major, specializing in the Renaissance period, and you have experienced these paintings before—whether in person or in books or online—you will love being able to pop open your app and click to your favorite Italian artist such as Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, the Dutch painter van der Weyden and so many more beloved artists from the exciting Renaissance age.


Clearly and correctly express yourself in your writing, regardless of the style or format. Impress your professors and teaching assistants with class papers, theses and dissertations that are as technically flawless in grammar as they are full of insight and detail about the subject at hand. The grammar checker for this BlackBerry app is based on unique National Language Processing technology, which involves using algorithms that help computers understand human languages on a deeper level.

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