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Review: Belkin n52te Speedpad (Tournament Edition)

Belkin n52te Speedpad

Dominate your opponents with Belkin Speedpad, an innovative gamepad and keyboard that integrates crucial gaming functions into one, sleekly designed device. Whether your passion is rooted in FPS, MMORPG, or RTS games, Belkin Speedpad is built to deliver an ultra-fast response to whatever mayhem comes your way

Keyboard and Gamepad Functionality:
The Speedpad puts keyboard and gamepad functionality into one small and easy-to-use unit, delivering more tools for customizing your game than ever. Using feedback from hundreds of gamers, Belkin’s engineers designed the Speedpads’s intuitive nature and stylish versatility to give you easy access to your arsenal of deadly manoeuvres.
An adjustable soft-touch wrist pad offers maximum comfort and endurance, while the backlit keypad and scroll wheel give you total control in dark conditions. Gamers demand speed and instantaneous response, so the Speedpads features enhanced tactile feedback and button responsiveness for rapid key presses. Non-slip, rubber stability pads keep the device in place so you can concentrate on firing, bobbing, and weaving

Supreme Customization:
Need to custom tune your device to match your unique fragging needs? Not a problem with the Speedpad. Fifteen fully-programmable keys and three keymaps are built for complete customization and speed, giving you intuitive setup and performance. The 8-way thumb pad is programmable, as well, and it sports a removable joystick

Powered by Razer:
Thanks to Razer Synapse embedded memory, you can personalize multiple player profiles for all your games and access killer performance tools. The inclusion of onboard memory also means that you get plug and play versatility with no additional software installation needed.25

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Belkin n52te Speedpad
Bottom Line
Fifteen fully-programmable keys
Works on Mac
Thumb pad & Scroll Wheel not the best

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