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Review: Mophie Juice Pack air

Mophie juice pack

Today we are showing you the Mophie juice pack air, which is a rechargeable battery case for the iphone 3G & 3GS

I have to say, i really do like this because it not only offers you full protects of and hard case for your iphone but it also, almost doubles the battery time as well.
I also like the low-profile design and its available in black, white, red, purple

The juice pack air features a standby mode that enables you to control when you wont to take advantage of the additional battery support.
The juice pack also has four LED charge status indicates showing you how much power is remaining in the 1200 mAH (milliamp hours) external battery.

The additional battery time provided by the juice pack air:

Standby Time: up to 270hrs
Talk Time: up to 4.5hrs (3G) – up to 9hrs (2G)
Internet Use: up to 4.5hrs (3G) – up to 5.4hrs (Wi-fi)
Audio Playback: up to 20hrs
Video Playback: up to 6hrs

So that is a lot of extra time you can get out of the iphone by using the mophie juice pack air

You also don’t have to worry about taking the iphone out of the case to charge your iphone up or to sync with itunes because with its unique pass-thought design you can charge and sync you iphone using the included USB Cable.

The only small down side to this is, once its in the case you can not dock the iphone that needs to be docked via the original input
as the case uses the original input.
But as i said its only a small down side and tbh its not a big deal.
The main thing is, it can still be charged and sync using the included USB lead.

overall this is a great case and one i do recommend.
Check out: http://www.mophie.com for more info

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Mophie juice pack
Bottom Line
Doubles the battery time

Wayne Lewis

Managing Director & Presenter of GeeksTech.co.uk. Specialises in doing video reviews on technology & gadgets that the everyday non techie consumer can understand.

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