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Review: Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm

Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm

Today we are showing you the Doro phoneEasy 332gsm.

This phone is idea for the elderly people who just need a good basic and easy to use mobile phone.
The Standby time on this phone is Up to around 660 hrs and a Continuous Talk Time of up to 240 minutes

The phone has a large keypad, clear and simple menus, its color display with a display size of 27x37mm and resolution of 96×128
It has enlarged text for easy dialing and messaging plus a clear and loud sound (+30dB) with a speaker phone and vibrating function as well

Other features include charging cradle, amplified sound and dedicated keys for easier key-lock, text messaging: which will take you direct into the messaging menu, Touch: with will turn your touch on and off and emergency functions, Which we will come back to later on.
You even get a neck loop, which is a nice touch by doro to include

On the handset it self, you also have buttons A, B & C which are speed dials keys, so you can set a number to A, B & C then you just press and hold A, B or C to call a number that you set to that key
Also all the keys on the keypad are back-lit too.

Now in the menu you have:

PhoneBook, where you can add a contact, which you can store around 900 contacts each contact with 3 different number, like mobile, home office.
you can also select a contact to call from the phonebook and which number to call for your contact.
Messages, where you can write or read a text message
Call Log, where you can see all the call logs made and resived
Calender, where you can add tasks
Calculator, where you can do some sums
Settings, where you can change the settings on the phone.

In the settings you can also select 3 different themes which are optimized for those visibly impaired
you can also change stuff like wallpaper, ring and messaging tones, alert type & volume, which is very loud

Also in the settings is where you can setup your emergency functions as i mentioned earlier on.
Now the emergency functions is where you setup a pre-written text message and up to 6 phone numbers and then once you activate the emergency functions by pressing the key quickly 2 times, it will then make a loud sound and then it send that pre-written text message to the 6 phone numbers, then it will start to call the 6 phone numbers one at a time until someone answers the phone or until you cancel the emergency functions, Which i think the emergency functions is a great added on for the doro PhoneEasy

Overall this phone is GREAT and i do recommend this to elderly people that are looking for a good basic mobile phone.

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Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm
Bottom Line
Idea for the elderly people who just need a good basic and easy to use mobile phone.
Easy to use
Basic for the elderly.

Wayne Lewis

Managing Director & Presenter of GeeksTech.co.uk. Specialises in doing video reviews on technology & gadgets that the everyday non techie consumer can understand.

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