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Review: Levitron World Stage – Antigravity Platform

Levitron World Stage

We are showing you the Levitron World Stage – Antigravity Platform

This this a great gadget which will look good on any sideboard/desktop/worktop and so on
it uses magnetic technology to suspend a small object in mid air and allow it to spin as well

The base unit is mains powered.
Once it is switched on, you have 8 blue LED which lights up your object that is suspend.
You can suspend the included globe in mid air or you can take the magnetic disc which is inside and then balance an object of your choice on the disc.

You are limited to items weighing no more than 3 ounces and if the item is made of iron or any other magnetic material, it then may not work properly because it may interfere with the magnetic field between the base and the magnetic disc.
I would not recommend putting an expensive item on this, just in case it does break.

I do think this is a great gadget and will look great where ever you have it on display.

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Levitron World Stage
Bottom Line

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