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Review: Sanyo Xacti CA100

Sanyo Xacti CA100

Today we are showing you the Sanyo Xacti CA100, this is a Dual Camera which take videos and photos upto 1920 x 1080 at 60fps for video and 14m for your photos

I been playing around with this now for a bit and i have to say i am very impressed.

In the box you get: the camera it’s self, power ac charger with interchangeable heads for UK, US and Euro, av lead, usb lead, hand strap and software Cd which you can use to make a dvd of your footage plus other stuff

Now If we go around the camera you can see it has a 2.7 wide LCD Monitor, menu buttons, zoom in and out, start & stop video record, photo button and zoom range, which doubles the zoom range from 4 to 12x range. zoom

We then have usb/av port, HDMI port, tripod mount and then in the battery compartment you have the SD slot, which is what this camera uses to save the video and photo footage to.

Other feature of this camera are:
Face Chaser, which detects your face and waterproof up to 3M, Which it recommend you only record a max of 60mins underwater at a time then allow it to dry our before filming underwater again.

I love the settings menu on this as they are really clear and well laid out

This camera has plenty of settings for you to play around with, you can set it to auto or go for the manuel mode where you can change stuff like:

Scene select
Video & Photo Stabilizer
Focus mode
ISO & Exposure settings
White Balance

Plus a lot more

So as you can see, you can really get creative with the settings to get the best video & photo shots from this small but powerful Dual Camera

I my self have just been using it in auto and it really dose take some GREAT video footage and photos snaps.

As you can see from the footage and photos taken from the camera (see the video review) it really is High quality.
The only let down on this is, the onboard sound is a little too quite, but after all it dose only have a small speaker and once you play back from tv or pc then the sound is really good.

Overall i do really recommend this to anyone looking to get a pocket camera, and remember this is a dual camera which take video and photos.

I have to thank the pr team for the loan of this dual camera to review.

For even more info, visit: www.sanyo.co.uk


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Sanyo Xacti CA100
Bottom Line
Pocket Size
Dual Camera which take videos and photos
Full HD video shooting
Sound a little disappointing

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