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Review: Mobee – The Magic Charger

Mobee Magic

A great little gadget from Mobee technology called: The Magic Charger, is a wireless charger for the apple magic mouse
The charging pack comes with a baseplate for the mouse which has the batteries built-in and the charging station/dock.

You charge your Magic Mouse over USB, via a USB port, a active (powered) hub or with a USB to plug (like what you get with the iphone).
The replacement baseplate means integration is simply and takes only a minute to setup

You get six days of use from a single charge, which will take 6 hours to recharge wirelessly on the base/docking station, according to Mobee,
The base itself has a LED light which glows red when not charging, flashing red when failed, flashing green when charging and solid green once fully charged.

Its also made of recyclable materials and is a greener way to use your magic mouse, as it stops you from having to trash batteries and stops you from having to dismantle you magic mouse to charger your batteries.

The charger setup cost 49 Euros, and you can also buy a spare battery pack at: 29.90 Euros

Available to order at: www.mobeetechnology.com


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Mobee Magic
Bottom Line
Saving Money
Easy to install

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