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amplicomms TV150 Wireless Stereo Headset for TV

The new headset listening system from amplicomms means the TV sound levels can increase sound up to 120 dB, that’s as loud as being at a rock concert, without deafening everyone else.
Using advanced Infrared technology, the TV150 is less prone to external interferences and features Automatic Volume Control that eliminates sudden loud noises from commercials for example, and the adjustable tone control enhances speech clarity, all of which ensures the most superior stereo sound quality.
The wireless system from amplicomms will transmit sound from an audio source such as TV, HiFi and Radio, up to a distance of 30ft. With 25 hours of continuous listening time before a recharge is required, the lightweight receiver is comfortable to wear for long periods. The ergonomically designed buds sit comfortably within the ear, whilst the receiver rests naturally and gently on the shoulders.
It’s easy to use and set-up, simply plug-in and play.
TV150 comes with one receiver but features his and her dual charging dock, with extra receivers sold separately (TV-150-1).

Technical Specification:

  • Input selector switch: ST = Stereo (for Stereo input), MO = Mono (for Mono input)&  MIC = Microphone (for Microphone module)
  • Modulation: FM Stereo
  • Frequency: 2,3 / 2,8 MHz
  • Range: up to 30 ft
  • Power supply (transmitter): Power adapter plug, Output: 12 V DC, 400 mA
  • Receiver battery life: Fully charged batteries up to 25 hours
  • Charging time: For empty batteries approx. 8 hours
  • Receiver: approx. 80 g
  • Transmitter: approx. 190 g
The recent BBC dramatisation of Sebastian Faulkes Birdsong led to a number of complaints about poor dialogue and mumbling.
This seemingly new trend of indecipherable speech is leading people with regular hearing to adjust the volume button. Imagine then, if you do suffer with hearing difficulties.
In fact, Actor John Cleese has spoken out about the quality of sound in films saying he couldn’t understand what the actors were saying.
“No older person goes any more,” he complains. Part of the reason for the problem, is that “your hearing starts to go in your early 30s, and it’s hard to pick out the voices from the ambient sound.”
Available from: £59.95 at:  http://www.co-opxest.com

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