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Henge Dock announce docking station for MacBook Air

Henge Dock today announces the latest addition to the stylish Henge Docks Apple accessory range – the Henge Dock for MacBook Air. The docking station for MacBook Air is designed for users to stylishly secure and dock the laptop for ease of use with a TV, monitor, in the office, at home or travelling.

The Henge Docks range features a unique design which holds the MacBook in a vertical orientation. This orientation allows users to connect and disconnect all peripherals in one single motion, minimising the footprint of the computer and reducing cable clutter. Ideal for taking content on your laptop to a big screen for a better viewing experience, enabling you to watch movies, home videos or create a home office or study wherever you are.

Compatible with the current Apple MacBook range, users can effortlessly dock a laptop within moments as there is no requirement of hardware, software or setting changes before docking.

What’s in the box?
Included with each dock is a USB, Ethernet and audio cable as standard. Some models also include FireWire cables, all of which have been designed to work specifically with the Henge Docks system. Henge Docks’ patent-pending solution utilises a customer’s existing Apple supplied MagSafe power adapter and Mini-DisplayPort adapter. Users can choose which connections they need, allowing greater flexibility, making docking and undocking very easy.

Pricing and availability
The Henge Docks MacBook Air 11” retails for £54.00/ €64.99.

The Henge Docks Apple accessory range is available from www.hengedocks.com.

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