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Maroo announces new iPhone 5 cases in collaboration with Shanghai Tang

In collaboration with Shanghai Tang, Maroo today announces a new collection of cases for the iPhone 5. This chic series of Chinese-inspired cases merges modern technology with traditional Chinese art. Designs include the Dragon, Shou and Chrysanthemum, all of which hold a special meaning in Chinese culture. Apple will be offering these four designer cases exclusively in its retail stores and online with more models to come this year.

The launch marks Maroo’s third venture with luxury lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang, following the launch of its iPad and iPhone 4/4S and iPad case collection in early 2012.

Shanghai Tang’s rich cultural heritage and bold creative finesse brings a new twist to our brand, while maintaining our ethos of luxury, high-quality craftsmanship and design. Michael Shaver, senior vice president at Maroo


The Shanghai Tang iPhone 5 Case Collection




Available with an embossed premium leather design, the Chrysanthemum is a traditional symbol of optimism and joy.  As it blooms in Autumn and survives the harsh Winter, it is one of the “Four Gentlemen” which represent the Four Virtues and the four seasons.








Shou represents longevity. The orange Shou symbol on a jet-black background is bold and striking, making the case’s user stand out from the crowd.









Once reserved exclusively for the emperor, the Dragon is a potent symbol of imperial power. The appearance of a dragon was seen as an omen of good fortune and marked the birth of a great man.  It is also associated with protection and fortune. The Dragon case is available in eye-catching green or black embossed premium leather.




Pricing and availability

Shanghai Tang iPhone 5 leather cases – £39.95
Shanghai Tang iPhone 5 hard cases – £29.95

Available in Apple stores and online: www.apple.com/uk and also direct at Shanghai Tang: https://www.shanghaitang.com/gifts/smartphone.html

Source & Credit: Ranieri Communications

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