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Midland Subzero Music Headphones

Beat the Artic conditions with these stylish headphones integrated into a pair of Ear Warmers

Midland Subzero Music headphones include two high-quality Hi-Fi stereo speakers with compatibility to your iPhone for hands-free calls.
Fully adjustable for a perfect fit and with a lined soft inner furry cloth and outer quilted fabric, these headphones are ideal for cold & windy weather conditions.

These headphones let you listen to music, make or answer calls on your iPhone or tune into a PMR446 Transceiver for two-way communications.
The headset jack can be connected to one of two different supplied cables. The music/mobile phone cable features an answer/control button suitable for iPhone with Play, Pause and Skip Song buttons for your music.

The PMR446 cable allows you to connect to a compatible radio transceiver with a 2-pin plug.
These headphones let you listen to music and make calls on the move no matter what it’s like outside.


  • Hi-Fi Stereo surround music and great audio quality
  • Engineered for winter sports and activities
  • Keeps your ears warm from the elements
  • Comfortable to wear and adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Microphone and hands-free mode switch included
  • Includes a PMR446 radio transceiver cable

£34.95 Available in White, Pink, Yellow, Camouflage, Black & Red from: www.nevadaradio.co.uk

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