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Secure Two-Way Video Monitor with Night Vision & Vibrate Alert

Amplicomms new Watch & Care V100 provides an audio video surveillance monitor using 2.4GHz frequency hopping, interference free technology, ensuring nobody can listen in

The technology means a greater coverage area of 150 meters through walls and floors, not just line of sight.
It’s suitable to use many area’s such entrance halls, schools, doorways or watching over elderly relatives and babies. The monitor is great for viewing at night, as the camera automatically switches to infrared night vision in darkness, enabling good visibility at all times.

The system has two-way communication, so you can hear the slightest noise and talk back if you need to. With a choice of 36 interference free channels, the V100 features a high sensitivity microphone that will pick up even the quietest of sounds, and can be adjusted if you don’t want to hear every minor movement. For unrestricted mobility the cordless viewing unit has a belt clip and features vibrate alert, particularly useful if a user has hearing difficulties.

The Watch & Care V100 2.4” high quality LCD colour screen allows parents, carers etc to see live video. It comes with a rechargeable battery, five lullabies and a room temperature monitor.

Monitor Functions:
· 2.4” Colour LCD Display
· Monitor unit with vibration alert and adjustable sound levels
· Volume Control
· Two-way communication, hear your baby and speak back to your baby
· Brightness Control
· Switchable Display (on/off) for optimal power saving
· Belt Cilip
· 2.4 GHz Digital transmission (Frequency Hopping
· 36 Channels

Camera Functions:
· 4 Infrared diodes for night vision function
· Voice Operated Exchange (VOX)
· Vertical Swivelling Cameral
· Secured Transmission – less prone to interference
· Camera unit with built-in night-light
· Transmission range up to 150 metres in optimal conditions
· Mains or battery power operation

Technical Details:
· Measurements (WxDxH):
· Monitor Unit: 70x30x120mm
· Camera Unit: 90x75x120mm
· Charger: 95x78x45mm
· Weight:  Monitor Unit: 133g
· Camera Unit: 147g (without rechargeable batteries/Charger)

European Sales Director from amplicomms, Ran Meyrav, says, “Nobody wants to compromise on safety or security in the home and this system offers the best technology for business, families, schools and carers at an affordable price. The digital system also includes functions adapted to the needs of people with hearing/visual impairment like the vibrating alert.”

At £99.99 the amplicomms Watch & Care V100 is the most affordable secure monitor that features vibrate alert.
Available from: www.m2cshop.com

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