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Android and Music lovers can now enjoy their music and remain aware of their surroundings with new Etymotic app

Etymotic, today announces the ‘Awareness!® Phone for Etymotic’, an Android app for Etymotic’s hf2-an and mc2-an noise-isolating headsets + earphones. The Awareness! Android app lets consumers experience the highest noise isolation and sound quality, and still be completely aware of their surroundings. Etymotic is releasing this app to coincide with the latest Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” OS equipped smartphones like the in-demand Samsung S3, Motorola Droid RAZOR HD, HTC One X, and latest Nexus 4 Phone by Google.Constructed from durable TPU, the Overboard case seals tightly using a Slide Seal System, meaning users can protect their iPad mini from water, sand, dirt and snow.

‘Awareness! Phone for Etymotic for Android’ is part of the AWARENESS! for Etymotic app family and is designed to work with the latest Android (4.1+ OS Jelly Bean) smartphones. The app “listens” to users’ surroundings and allows them to mix outside sounds directly into their earphones at a level of their choice.

Until now, noise isolation meant tuning out,” said Mark Karnes, managing director of consumer products at Etymotic. “When we launched AWARENESS! for Apple devices last year, we brought programmable noise isolation to market for the first time, changing the way people listen to music. Now, we are able to bring that same experience to millions of Android 4.1 smartphone devices Mark Karnes, managing director of consumer products at Etymotic

UK-based audio app specialist Essency Ltd. developed the popular Awareness! for Etymotic app for Etymotic’s hf3 and mc3 headsets+earphones, now upgraded for use with the latest Apple products: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and the latest iPod touch.

To bring the same level of technology to the increasing number of Android phone users, Essency developed the new Android ‘Awareness! Phone for Etymotic’ app specifically for Android (4.1 Jelly Bean OS) smartphones. By putting control in the smartphone user’s hands, this Android app allows listeners to change sound level settings and to hear the world around them as they work out in the gym, jog or ride a bike outdoors, watch TV or a movie while at the coffee shop, await a boarding call at the airport, or listen to a podcast while watching kids at the playground.

Current users of Etymotic earphones can check compatibility and register for an unlock code at www.etymotic.com/awareness. They can then download the Awareness! Etymotic Phone app via the Google Play app store.

Etymotic products can be purchased from the new Etymotic Direct website, please visit: www.etymoticdirect.co.uk.

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