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The Trend For Cheap Smartphones

With more people than ever looking to be connected to the wider world through mobile technology, it’s no wonder we are seeing the prices of tariffs and the actual devices coming down dramatically in price. From teenagers to OAP’s now wanting to update their social media accounts and send emails, there is definitely a gap in the market which slowly is being exploited.

What are Cheap Smartphones?

Basically these so called ‘cheap smartphones’ are devices which have processors from two to three years ago. Those looking to enter the realms of smartphones are using this option as an alternative to some of the more expensive and difficult to use devices currently on the market. With lower screen resolutions and less functions to complicate the first time user, these are an excellent device to train your self up on.

Cheap Smartphones Equals Cheap Quality?

If you believe the quality of such a phone is lesser compared to say that of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, then you would be wrong. If you’re to look at Nokia’s Asha phone which comes in at a remarkable £29.99 then instantly you are to think that this product will not hold its own against the big players in the market. Obviously this phone does not have the all singing all dancing technology of the current leaders, but there has been over 14 million sold during 2012. Surely 14 million people can’t be wrong, or can they?

Life Span?

Are you one of many apple users who has seen the white screen of death and had to reach for the iPhone repair kit? Thought so. Well you won’t be surprised to hear that even cheaper smartphones come with their problems. Many people have reported issues with 3G speed and connectivity being at times, lackluster. Many have cited that their low price has also come with low expectations of the user i.e. can be too simple to use and having too much of a basic outlay. Needless to say there is definitely room for this niche market to grow and expand.

The Future Of Smartphones

With record sales of these so called cheap smartphones, expect more companies to jump on this bandwagon. As demonstrated in the past with Apple who brought out smaller and cheaper iPods to suit the needs of customers at all levels, don’t be too surprised to hear that Apple are venturing into the budget end of smartphones. Figures suggest that by 2016, 31% of the mobile device market will be taken up by low end smartphones, can you really expect Samsung, Apple and possible even Blackberry to avoid such demand. For those looking to take advantage of these cheap deals, remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.

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