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SuperTooth Disco2 wireless speaker now available in bright green, pink and red

SuperTooth, today announces that the recently launched Disco2 Bluetooth speaker is now available in bright green, pink or red from Johnlewis.com and Amazon.co.uk from £79.95. The Disco2 freestanding wireless speakers, also available in classic black, will connect easily to any Bluetooth A2DP device allowing users to enjoy high quality music streaming anytime, anywhere.

With its slim design and funky shape, this compact speaker operates using Bluetooth version 4.0 and can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth A2DP device, ranging from a smartphone or tablet computer to an MP3 player.

Up to ten hours of music can be enjoyed on-the-go from a two hour charge, with no need to compromise on sound, as the Disco2 preserves the quality of audio files and optimises them as they are being streamed from a device supporting aptX protocol technology. The Disco2 speakers have an operating range of up to ten metres and can be controlled using any Bluetooth AVRCP device. With its two powerful speakers on the front and its high-efficiency bass-reflex system at the back of the unit, it delivers 16 watts of sound.

Pricing and availability
The Disco2 in green, pink, red or black is available now from JohnLewis.com and Amazon.co.uk for £79.95.

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