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Nevada Bright Light

The Nevada Bright Light Range will light up a huge 40 square metre area, with its wide angle beam.

The low energy Ultra-bright LED lamp will last up to 12 hours from a single charge and features a re-chargeable battery that can be charged via a 12V car socket to keep the party rocking for even longer! Charges can also be obtained from the mains adaptor supplied, or with the wind-up handle in emergencies.

Bright Light uses 12 Power LED’s, that are much brighter than ordinary LEDs, more energy efficient and longer lasting than a conventional light bulb.

Providing high-intensity lighting with a long range beam, the Bright Light Ranger is a vital companion on camping, boating and fishing trips as well as equestrian, marine, farming & construction environments.

Power LED’s are a fantastic new light source and when used in the “Bright Light” will illuminate a complete back garden, workshop, stables, or other large area, for over 12 hours between charges. Nevada’s Managing Direct

A 6V DC socket is provided on the rear to allow even more lights to be plugged when required.

Available from: www.nevadaradio.co.uk at: £39.95

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