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Sky announces new distribution deal with Entertainment Film

Sky has announce a new multi-year movie agreement deal with Entertainment Film Distributors to stream top movies

Sky Movies customers will be able to enjoy exclusive access to top hit films including The Master, Beautiful Creatures and The Host all on demand and on the move.

The agreement spans the first subscription pay TV and pay-per-view windows, enabling Sky Movies to show releases from Entertainment Film Distributors across its On Demand service and channels, and on a rental basis via Sky Store and Sky Movies Box Office.,

All films will be shown ad-free, uncut, and in HD, device and title-permitting of course

New titles from Entertainment Film Distributors will be available around six months after they have ended their run in cinemas and once they are available on Sky Movies, the films will be available on the service for more than a year, during which time they will not be available on any other TV channel or subscription service.

Sky Movies customers will also have exclusive access to Entertainment Film Distributors back catalogue containing a range of classic titles including Gangs of New York and American Psycho

As long as you got your Sky+HD box connected to you broadband connection, Sky Movies customers will be able to watch all the films when they want through Sky’s On Demand service.

The movies will also be available via the Sky Movies monthly pass on NOW TV.

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