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Review: Audio-Technica ATR288W


This multi-purpose wireless system provides versatile performance for camcorders, karaoke, DJs, houses of worship, schools, meetings and presentations. The ATR288W TwinMic VHF wireless system is supplied with two microphones, the ATR35 omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone and the ATR20 unidirectional dynamic vocal/instrument microphone.

* Includes ATR35 miniature lavalier condenser microphone for “hands-free” uses such as aerobics, dance, theater, lectures and “newscaster-style” videos
* Includes ATR20 dynamic microphone for handheld uses such as singing, talking, recording and videos
* Compact, ultra-lightweight transmitter and receiver are each powered by a single 9V battery
* Normal operating range 100′; up to 300′ under optimum conditions
* Two user-switchable frequencies for interference-free operation
* Includes earphone for real-time monitoring capability
* Durable, rubber-coated, flexible receiver antenna can be positioned for best reception
* Includes belt-clip and quick, reliable camera mount adapter for easy positioning and use

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Bottom Line
Normal operating range 100'; up to 300' under optimum conditions, Easy to Use
up to 300' under optimum conditions
Easy to Use
Only Two user-switchable frequencies

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