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Orbitsound T12 v2 soundbar

British audio technology brand: Orbitsound (Twitter: @OrbitsoundUK ) was showing of the T12 v2 soundbar at the Gadget Show Live 2011.
A unique sound system that brings cinema-quality sound to flatscreen TVs without the need for multiple speakers.

We spoken to the team and had a listen to the T12 v2 and one thing is for sure, the T12 v2 has stunning audio quality, very modern stylish design and some great features like:
video output capability, iPod dock (Also compatible with the iPhone), 3.5mm stereo jack, and inputs for the latest digital TVs, CD, MP3/MP4, laptop and desktop computers and games consoles.

Thanks to Orbitsound revolutionary spatial stereo technology where, unlike ordinary stereo, you don’t need to stand in the sweet spot to get the full effect.
Orbitsound products produce realistic stereo sound with depth and clarity wherever the system is positioned, which make it stands apart from other sound systems.
The T12 v2 will redefine the way you hear music or films at home giving you truly cinematic sonic experience

At the Gadget Show Live, no matter where we stand, we just got a outstanding experience and the depth and clarity of the system gives it the wow factor.
No matter if your a music fan, movie geek or a hardcore gamer, this will would be a great system to have in your setup.

The home cinema market has exploded in recent years, explains Ted Fletcher, founder of Orbitsound and creator of its unique spatial sound technology. And, for movie fans, the sound of the film is as crucial as the picture. It doesn’t matter what you’re listening to, whether it’s a rock album or a blockbuster action movie; the T12 soundbar will give you a stunning, realistic stereo sound to rival expensive home entertainment systems. And, unlike ordinary stereo systems, you don’t have to position it or you in a particular place to get the best results.

There are another great reason for choosing the T12 v2: on multichannel systems, you can cut a staggering 40% on your energy consumption. Unlike traditional stereo ‚which uses two identical power amplifier systems – Orbitsound products use a single loudspeaker alongside two smaller patial loudspeakers. These not only provide better sound quality, but are a more energy efficient. On top of that, the black lacquer finish and elegant design mean that the system doesn’t just sound great, but looks fantastic too

Technical Specification & Facilities:

  • Controls, rotary digital volume control (on rear of soundbar), sequential input selection by pressing volume control. All functions available on remote control plus full control of iPod/iPhone.
  • Frequency range: +/- 3dB [Hz] 40 , 16K
  • Spatial level (slide switch): Off, normal, wide
  • Maximum SPL [dB]: 96dBA
  • Amp. power [Watts at 0.1% dist.]: 40 + 20 + 20 RMS
  • Crossover frequencies [Hz]: 160/5,000
  • Drivers (sound bar): 2 x 1 m/ 4 x 2.5  + 2 x 2‚ full-range (spatial)
  • Subwoofer Tuned reflex with 1 x 6 woofer
  • Connection input(s): Stereo line level -10dBu, digital co-ax and optical.
  • 3.5mm jack and RCA.
  • Coax & optical digital inputs on RCA and optical.
  • Ipod or iPhone (input, charging and video output)
  • Connection outputs: 2 X RCA composite video
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): [mm] 100 x 605 x 110 (main) 460 x 230 x 230 (sub)
  • Power consumption: Standby, 2.3 watts. Idle, 5.6 watts
  • Weight [kg/lb]: 8/18

The updated T12 features additional digital inputs to take audio directly from the latest digital TVs, while an improved sub feeder cable not only improves performance but makes this system easier to install. An improved remote control unit covers a greater range, and has a better feel too. Like the original, it includes an iPod dock (now compatible with the iPhone), while the remote controls all iPod playback and menu functions as well as volume, source and tone. The T12 also features a 3.5mm stereo jack, and inputs for the latest digital TVs, CD, MP3/MP4, laptop and desktop computers and games consoles.

The T12 v2 soundbar costs £299.99, and is available now.

For more information about Orbitsound and the T12, visit www.orbitsound.com and Twitter: @OrbitsoundUK

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