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Review: FIVEPOINT gloves


FIVEPOINT gloves allow you to keeping your hands warm and dry while using your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other touch-screen devices.
While a normal pair of gloves will keep your hands warm, they won’t let you use touch-screen devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPods and so on, which means you have to take off your normal pair of gloves to use your touch-screen device and that means you going to have cold hands.

fivepoint Ipad
fivepoint Ipad – landscape

The FIVEPOINT gloves have specially-designed conductive fingertips, which means that you can touch, type and tap touch-screens without having to take them off.

fivepoint iphone
fivepoint iphone – landscape

These are nice and warm, works very well and nice and comfy thanks to being 95% new wool, 5% mixed fibres.
Available in sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Overall these are a must have for any user that is looking to keep there hands warm and dry while using your touch-screen devices.

For more info feel free to check out there site at: http://www.fivepointgloves.com or visit there shop at: http://www.etreshop.com

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Bottom Line
Works Well

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