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Review: Antec Notebook Cooler Designer

Antec Notebook Cooler Designer

Do you find your notebook get’s hot? You looking for a good way to keep it cool?
Then i recommend the Antec Notebook Cooler Designer

The Notebook Cooler Designer is a sleek, slim-line, light weight cooler, Sits comfortably on a lap or suiting any desktop replacement arrangement.
It extends notebook life thanks to a USB-powered 110 mm blower, drawing in heat from the bottom of the notebook and exhausting it safely to the rear. The Notebook Cooler Designer is compatible with Mac and PC notebooks up to 15″
It also improve ergonomic comfort and because its slim and lightweight you can easy carry this around with you.

Overall the Notebook Cooler Designer is one of the best in the line of coolers from Antec

Check out Antec: www.antec.com and also follow them on Twitter.com/AntecEurope

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Antec Notebook Cooler Designer
Bottom Line
Light Weight
Mac and PC

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