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Review: Antec Notebook Cooler BASIC

Antec Cooler Basic

Do you find your notebook get’s hot? You looking for a good way to keep it cool?
Then i recommend the Antec Notebook Cooler Basic

This lightweight, slim, passive cooler solution offers a versatile and portable way to cool up to 14″ notebooks anywhere.
Its perforated aluminum construction dissipates heat, and allow natural airflow for silent and effective cooling
Plus, the flip-up stand to improve ergonomic comfort.
Also because its slim and lightweight you can easy carry this around with you.

If your not looking for a cooler then i would get this for the stand, which improves ergonomic comfort and gives you a better type angle on the keyboard.

Overall this basic cooler is basic but it does the job well.

Check out Antec: www.antec.com and also follow them on Twitter.com/AntecEurope

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Antec Cooler Basic
Bottom Line
Easy to use

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